Zico – ANTI(review)

Comparing ANTI with Artist I have got to say ANTI is my favorite. Zico starts out tough and I don’t like it. He sounds off beat the entire first verse, but what he says in that first verse is what really matters.

“Fans who are going crazy… . TV shows that are forcing you to make an appearance… The musicians who you surround yourself with…”

After the first verse, his rapping gets better. His flow becomes easier on the ears and his beat actually compliments his voice, unlike the first verse. G.Soul is a great addition to this song. Honestly, if it weren’t for G.Soul this song wouldn’t be as good.

“You can’t fool me.
I’ve seen your face when it’s no longer on screen.
I’m going to wipe your makeup off,
and tell the world it was all an act.
Why do I hate you?
The world is big,
but the price you’ll have to pay is even bigger.
That’s all I wanna tell you ’bout.
I’m not your anti—anti—anti, baby.”

This is G.Souls part in the song and it pays homage to the title of the song ‘ANTI’. This song is a letter to Zico by Woo Ji-ho(Zicos full name). It is a very personal letter that he is allowing everyone to read. Zico even mentioned a girl in the same verse

“Why did she have to meet
a f*ckboy who doesn’t even have this kind of class and sophistication?”

Beyond this point in the song, she is never brought up again.

On the second verse Zico raps this iconic line “Suddenly, the camera lens becomes the barrel of a gun.”

Which brings up the cons of being a celebrity in South Korea. It also happens to be one of the top countries with the worst case of stalkers, known as Sasaengs.

Now on the third verse comes in some rough topics that are tied with fame in Korea. “The moment you create a persona, you have to kill yourself.”

He also mentions the lack of privacy artists receive. “What is privacy to a mere product? The customer is always right.” I love this line because in reality idols can’t complain or ask fans to back down. Should I remind you of that moment T.O.P asked his Chinese fans to leave his PRIVATE property. Then his fans complained about how unfair he was? It was ridiculous.

After all of this Zico hits you with the realest words on this song. “Become someone else. Mask your feelings. That’s the reason why you wear a hat and mask every day.” These are raw and pointed toward Zico. You can feel the emotions at this very part in the song. This is when the song becomes really good, but it is also the part where it comes to and end. The song leaves you feeling like something is missing which works itself into ‘Artist’

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