Dean- Love(Review)

Dean has an amazing soulful sound to his voice it hurts. This song is about a teasing little fling, and how he wins over her love. At first it starts off really smooth and nice, but the build up is, to be frank, terrible. The entire song is the same boring tempo, and I’m disappointed in Dean. Dean is great singer with a lot of artistic talent, but this song is underwhelming. Comparing it to his most recent album and music releases Dean shows a lack of emotion. His voice is still beautiful and the story he tells is lovely. The song just doesn’t do it for me. There is no Climax. The song is too simple and plain. The song starts off on a bad note, but then it leads to my favorite part, which goes like “I know, I know, I know” that part won me over then the songs continues. Sadly this song doesn’t shine a good light on Dean and his music quality. I never would have thought of the day I would be disappointed by a song made by Dean. I think the story he sings is really cute, but it doesn’t help the song out too much.

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