Rekstizzy Lily pad Volume 1 (Album Review)

The Korean-American Artist Rekstizzy finally released his well anticipated album Lily pad Volume 1. The album is five songs long, and a surprisingly pleasant album.

The first track on the album is Spring Produced by Ken Nana. This songs instrumental works incredibly well with Rekstizzy’s voice. As much of a comedic entertainer Rekstizzy is on Instagram he is a very nice rapper. This song really portrays his rapping skills even thought it’s not the best song on the album. It is definitely not the best song lyrically, but it is good if you want a song to chill to. What I do love about this song is how smoothly it transitions to Wall World.

Wall World is a song talking about the political distress the United States is currently in. Emphasizing the wall that Trump allegedly wants to build. The songs lyrics are a lot more interesting and entertaining than Spring which is the good part. The track is a little more fast paced than the one before it but it adds more depth to the album. This is the only song that has a video to accompany it, and you won’t be disappointed. The song has to be one of my favorites out of this album. Stizzy mocking our very own Presidents idea of a wall is something that will never grow old. After you hear “I might go gay” you should prepare to start bobbing your head. Rekstizzy did an excellent job on this track, so I definitely will say it is a must hear.

No Care ft Weekend Money has got to be my favorite track on the album. Stizzy’s flow on this song is beyond good. Baghdaddy did an amazing job producing this song. Reks lyricism is on point and grabs your attention almost instantly. Sadly this four minute song feels like two, and it leaves me craving more. Weekend money is an unexpected feature, but both of their voices blend so well I’m not complaining. This is a very solid song on this it took the number one spot for me.

Uniqlo ft Ace Hashimoto is a very sexy song, so embrace yourself for the ride of your life. This is the best duo on this album. Stizzy and Hash both share the spot light. They share the microphone, and go back and forth its unlike the rest of the songs on this album, and the two artists bond so well it is like candy to your ears. It’s quite sad that this is the second shortest song following Spring. C’mon Rekstizzy you can’t keep the good stuff short.

No Clue ft Yung Koconut is my least favorite track. It’s the most generic song on this album its frustrating. As much as I appreciate Stizzy it comes to a surprise and slight disappointed he went this route. The only positive thing I have to say about this song is how different it is. One thing that makes a good rapper, well, good is versatility, and Stizzy shows the listeners that. Yung Koconut doesn’t really shine brightly in this song because they both sound so similar it’s hard to point out who’s rapping.

Stizzy is an all-round rapper, and he proves it in this album. Each song shows Rekstizzy’s different skills and surprisingly he has a lot of strengths. This is a fairly solid album except for the last song. Stizzy left me waiting for Lilypad Volume 2. Even though Reks is known to be a goofball on instagram(@rekstizzy) his rap game is no joke.

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