Suran ft Changmo- Wine(review)

This song really portrays the difficulties of breaking up. Suran is singing about how hard it is for her to get over him. She drinks and reminisces of the good time they shared. Suran is fighting herself in this song. She wants to forget him and let him go, but there is something stopping her. She drinks and remembers the first time they had gotten drunk. The breakup was bitter and painful much like red wine. In the chorus, she sings about being intoxicated with the memories and him. She doesn’t think right when it comes to him. He was mean to her and yet her heart yearns for him. Wanting to know his heart but she also wants to forget him. She goes back and forth. Then in comes Changmo who is the boyfriend (in the song). He starts off trying to justify his actions. Like saying he’s a cold guy. Then follows him acknowledging how bad the break up was. Changmo did not like the way he broke things off. He knew how sensitive she was. Changmo had to put on a front and break things off, and he knew he had to break it off. Suran comes in singing how she can’t forget the relationship or his smell. Those little details that stick with you after the breakup. In the end, she realizes that she will always carry those memories. Even if they cause her pain she’s glad she experienced it.

This has got to be one of my favorite songs. Suran’s unique vocals and Changmos deep voice blend extremely well. You can really hear the emotions Suran is feeling when she is singing. Slow Rabbit and Suga did an excellent job producing. The instrumental did not overshadow Suran’s voice, which is easily done. The main point were the lyrics on this piece. The music wasn’t something wonderful or terrible. It just didn’t stand out, but I think it was made for that purpose.

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