Groovy Room – Everywhere (full album review)

This album has its pros and cons, but sadly is has a lot more cons. Groovy Room is signed to H1gher Music. I thought we would get better quality music given that the music is focused on hitting the worldwide market. There was more misses than hits, but the hits that this album gave us are well worth my money. I hope you are all prepared for Suran and Ph – 1, a unexpected but gladly welcomed duo.

The first song ‘Unsigned Hype’ doesn’t live up to Groovy Rooms expectations. JUSTHIS raps on the beat, to the point that it sound like he is hiding behind the beat. His flow is good it goes well with the tempo of the song. This song could have been so much better, but it didn’t live up to the “Hype”.

Sunday is a better beat. It sounds a lot more happier and calmer. Something I recommend if you’re having a mini party with yourself. Jay Park really slays this song! His falsetto was on point! Sometimes Park can over do it, but for this song it is just perfect. Heize sounds so beautiful! Her rapping is flawless, and her singing is amazing. She definitely sounds better when it comes to slow and relaxing beats. Both of their voices sound good together. I think Heize overshadows Park just a tad bit, but its better that way. I promise you.

어디쯤에 is very upbeat and easy to dance to. Suran is a goddess that is unlike anyone who ever existed. Her voice is hypnotic and just drags the listener along. Her, soft, solemn voice goes perfectly with this beat. pH – 1 does this song so much justice its something to cry about. It has a Caribbean touch to it, which makes it one of the best songs to dance to. The sad lyrics are hidden when you listen to the beat, it is surprising. The guitar is really prominent and gives the song depth. Suran and Ph- 1 make for an unexpected duo , but wow they are spectacular together. This is a duo that we need to hear more from. This song is my second favorite from the entire album. One thing I don’t like about this song is how short it is.

YNF turned into old school really fast. I don’t like how different the song is from the two before it. Nafla is very good at making trendy music that sells a lot. The instrumental on this songs is very good. It has an old school feel to it, but it still feels fresh to the ears. That’s what a great producer is supposed to create. As much as I love Verbal Jint One Ovadoz would have been a better touch. In my opinion, Owen and Nafla have a combination that is made for and old school sound. I think the song would have been better if Nafla wasn’t on it. He didn’t add much to the song, meaning anyone could’ve done his part.

The difference in Sik-ks voice and Giriboys makes for an odd pair. Giriboy has this unique sounds to him, which was a need for this album. His sound is always so smooth and melancholy. Giriboy has a nice pitched voice and he also adds his own mix to the beat. This song wouldn’t be what it is without Giriboy. This is clearly Giriboys song. He easily overshadows Sik-k and I don’t mind it one bit. Sik-k uses a lot of autotune for his voice, but Giriboy doesn’t and that’s what makes this pairing odd. There is a middle man missing in this song. I really wished this song was more of a banger because it could’ve won my heart. Sadly, that is not the case.

XINDOSHI starts off badly with Sik-k. I’m not too big of a fan of his voice because, frankly, it gives me a head ache. I can see how essential his voice is. Sik-k is the middle man in this song. He is the reason why the rappers, with different sounds, can transition so easily. Whoever made the call for loopy to have the first verse should get a raise. Loopy has this unique voice that immediately catches your attention. His flow is impeccable and this has been a reoccurring thing. He doesn’t rap exactly on the beat which is perfect because you can hear what he is saying clearly. Sik-ks verse after Loopy is better than when he started off which is good. MASTA WUs verse is, well, underwhelming. I was disappointed because for someone who is well respected he’s not doing his best. Hyo Eun is a rapper who you need to keep an eye on. His verse is utterly amazing. His flow and lyrics speak volume. His deep voice really makes him stand out. Hyo Eun and Loopy definitely outdid themselves on this song. They were the real stars. Groovy Room did well by creating a beat that these rappers can rap well to.

Loyalty is the most hyped up song on this Album. Dok2 is made for these songs because it would not be complete without him. This is the song that should have had a music video(M/V) accompany it. Ailee is the real hype (wo)man on this song. Her light voice and Dok2s rough but sexy lyrics complete this song. This is my favorite song on this album. The R&B feel from this song is what I live for.

I like an album to keep a story line going or better yet not jump from different sounds. This is a producer album, so what can I expect? Groovy Room tried their best and showed their producing skill, and I think they hit the nail on the head. They show their different sound and that’s what is truly important. On the other hand, their choice in featured artists was very poor. As much as I dislike Sik-ks rapping style a lot of people are fond of it, but two songs with that artist was too much. The girls(Heize, Ailee, and Suran) were necessary and Groovy Room needed to add a female rapper to XINDOSHI. This album deserves a 4.5/10 no more no less. 

2 thoughts on “Groovy Room – Everywhere (full album review)

  1. Hi there!

    I enjoyed reading your review on the album! I just recently discovered GroovyRoom and have been really into them lately and their newest album. I’m glad to have found someone else who also enjoyed Suran and pH-1’s track. Their collaboration is by far my favorite track on the album (with ‘Sunday’ coming in second), but it seems like it’s one of the more underrated/underappreciated tracks from the album. I absolutely fell in love with it on the first listen whereas I had to listen to the other album tracks multiple times.

    Thanks for the review! ^_^

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