WINNER- Island(Review)

Winner has a great mix (even though Taehyung left..) Jinwoo and Seungyoon bring the boy next door vibe while Mine and Seunghoon bring the rough around the edges vibe. All in all it’s a great blend of voices since everyone supports each other and that is very important in a boy group.

I absolutely love how this song gets straight to the point with its first verse.

Baby, let’s leave together
Put your phone on airplane mode
If I’m with you
Wherever we are, it’s a deserted island

This lyrics really caught my attention because as someone who wear their heart on their sleeve I would die for my boyfriend to say this to me. Disconnecting from the rest of the world is crucial to staying grounded. The beat to this song is so sweet it’s killer. It gives me tropical vibe, but of course since its about being on island with your significant other.   I love the fact that this song instantly puts you in a happy mood and makes you want to get up and start dancing! It’s definitely something I would recommend you play at a party or get together.

If you’re by my side, that place is treasure island
I’ll save you from the prison of gray buildings
Just rest on the sand under the blue sky

How romantic are these lyrics? Who doesn’t want someone bright enough to make everyday life feel magical? Jinwoo sings these lines with his voice full of love and passion and you could feel that. Following this part comes the beat drop and if you’re as fond of them as I am then you’ll be thrilled. It isn’t your usual beat drop. WINNER keeps it tropical and fun after the bridge. I’m glad that the beat drop isn’t exactly needed to make this song pop because this song is a bop all on its own. Props to WINNER for that!

Rather than the hot summer sun
I like your sunset smile
Like shaking a cocktail
I want to mix it up with you on the sofa

There goes SeungHoon coming in with rather spicy lyrics! It’s always fun bringing in some excitement to a sweet song. It really separates the boys from the men!

I wanna drive your smooth
Love handles skrrr skrrr
I’ll make that go bang

Mino never disappoints! He always has the girls (and boys) crying tears! The only thing I didn’t like is that fact that Mine doesn’t really do his usual rap, that I love. His verse is still good nonetheless, but it’s very small compared to Jinwoos and Seungyoons part. It was very smart on their part to leave the sexual innuendo parts to Seunghoon and Mino since they do have a manlier aura than the others.

Here, nobody knows knows
It’s our own island
It’ll get dark soon
So let’s light the fire

Here, nobody knows knows
It’s our own island
No need to be self-conscious
Let’s light the fire of love

These verses right here is what really kills me. It’s funny because the song has this happy and cutesy vibe to it so this gets you by surprise! That happy mood you feel get another super post once you listen to the lyrics.

It’s very solid song by WINNER I’ll rate it 9/10 only because Mino needs a rap verse. Winner did not do him, one the best Idol rappers out there, justice. Overall this song is going to be recommended by me for the rest of 2017 or until I find a song to replace it. The lyrics are a plus and the beat of the song keeps you wanting more. That fact that I wanted more of the song is good and bad. I just needed more of this!

WINNER big thumbs up to you and this sound! It is setting you apart from the other Kpop boy groups! 

*English Lyrics provided by Color Coded Lyrics!

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