Loco(로꼬)-Rewind(다시 앞으로) (Ft. SUMIN) REVIEW

Loco is one of the first Korean rappers signed to AOMG a very popular and well respected Hip-Hop label in Korea. Loco has been in the Korean rap scene for around seven-eight years. You can clearly see his personal and professional growth throughout the years by watching Respect Yourself(2015) and Rewind(2017).

In the first verse Loco tells you, in all the rawness you could imagine, how human he really is. As a man and artist Loco goes through a lot behind closed doors. As fans we seem to forget that even if he is famous it doesn’t mean he’s always happy.

The beating my family gives just hurts for a moment

Locos family still teases him because even though he is famous and well respected Kwon Hyuk-woo(Locos real name)is still a little kid to someone else. It might even seem that he doesn’t appreciate the harassment he receives from his family, but there is far more than meets the eye.

I put on a face and move towards the mic

As much as Loco loves to rap it is still considered work, so even when he doesn’t want to perform he has to. He has to put on a facade in order to carry on with his public persona.

Loco goes on to explain how a certain schedule keeps him on top of his game. It’s a repetition he has gotten used to for a good while now.

I’m used to it
So I miss it all
That’s me

Sumin, in her lovely voice, sings about what Loco is feeling inside. I love how relatable Loco is because he is constantly fighting himself to keep chasing his dreams or turning back on it all. I really appreciate the fact that Sumin gives this heartwarming sound to the song all the while Loco sounds much more solemn. It’s a well made duo that completes the sound to the song.

After this Loco becomes even more relatable, if that’s even possible. As anyone who goes through an existential crisis(EC) knows that even if you want something to stay the same it won’t.

I thought I would be Twenty forever

After these lyrics are rapped Loco finally tells the listeners that he realized time flies by quicker than he thought. Now at age 27 Loco will have to enlist in the military soon. At this moment he realizes how much he has changed since dyeing his hair blond and his unimaginable success. Loco still wants to go forward with his career even though it’s the same cycle that he’s lived by because that is what he feels most comfortable in.

Despite Loco rapping about going forward and keeping the cycle going he wants to go back in time. That is what an Existential crisis does to you. You move forward with pride even though you want to go back to a time where you were younger. Time keeps moving and you are either with it or not, but it doesn’t matter to time because it keeps doing the same thing.

One thing that makes Loco unique in the Korean Hip-Hop scene is his versatility, which is shown prominently on the songs he features in. Loco has this innocent and down-to-earth aura that he carries around with him. You could definitely feel that aura in this in particular song, and it leads me to say that this song is one of the best on ‘BLEACHED‘. This album song surprised me because I didn’t know Loco had it in him to get real on the song. This song is just a small taste of what he explains on the album. The shaving of his head in the end of the video is necessary for the listener/watcher to understand what Loco meant when he said he wanted to Rewind. Loco started with a shaved head and now he’s repeating the cycle that he’s always known. This song is a good 10/10. I will recommend to anyone who loves digging deeper into songs. The song was made perfectly with out any imperfection to my eye, and that’s very hard to achieve without me having to point out something.

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