5 Korean Tattoo Artist to Keep your Eyes On

These Korean tattoo artists are found in different parts of South Korea and in the United States. Three tattoo enthusiast evaluated their pieces of art by; uniqueness, lines, placement on the skin, and versatility. You can find most of these artists on Instagram, so you can easily access their portfolio wherever you’re at.

The first one has got to be Dokgo(@Dokgoloco) who is a well-known tattoo artist by many Korean artists. Maybe you’ve see Dokgos work on Dean, Zelo, and Woo Wonjae a SMTM contestant. Dokgo was even shouted out by Genius Nochang from Just Music.

Dokgo takes tattooing in his own little unique way. His art is filled with consistent strokes that look light and airy. There is a delicate touch to them and, it’s very hard to see any of his imperfections, if he has any at all.

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The second one is @NeonDrug his specialty is fairytale/anime/realism, it’s unique and can’t be labeled as one thing, and dabbles traditional tattoos that are vibrant and full of color. His needle is soft to the skin leaving little to no irritation. If you are looking for a tattoo with a lot of colors and with his style then he is your man. This artist knows his colors and the details to the faces he makes are impeccable. NeonDrugs has his proportion just right, so their hands don’t look odd on your skin. Another great thing about him is he works big so if you want a huge piece then check him out!

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Abraham (Nandotattoer) is someone who I hold dear to my heart because I am a tremendous fan of his art. I am writing an article about tattoo artists so I had to be unbiased. Abraham is a very detailed tattoo artist and I don’t say that lightly. He does a lot of small tattoos and with geometric shapes combined with a wonderful color palette. Abraham tattoos practically anywhere you want and some people get them on their ear and their inner wrists. He works very lightly, and it’s amazing that he has enough patience to do such a small intricate piece. If you’re interested you can find him at Hannam station, Seoul, Korea. You’re welcome.

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Now this artist is LA bound, she was featured on Spike TV, her name is June Jung (@tattoojune). Her specialty is Watercolor tattoos with a fantastic use of color. The tattoos flow so nicely it feels like you’re looking at an actual piece of watercolor on a paper. I don’t know how she does it or what secret technique she mastered, but she’s doing great at it. The color is so immense I can’t stop staring at it. You cant visible see any harsh lines and it’s definitely mesmerizing. June does dabble in geometric and realistic tattoos too and they’re as amazing as you think. She is a very well-rounded tattoo artist and I only have one complaint about her art and that is WHY ISN’T IT ON MY BODY!

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The last artist on this list is Timor (@Timor2nd) He is located in Itaewon, Korea. His artwork isn’t for everyone because it’s very dark. Besides that, he is detail oriented and his pieces are very unique you won’t be able to get a tattoo to go with it. He does cover up tattoos so if you got something you regret or simply just want something else he’s your guy. Remember how I said his art is dark? Yeah well, it’s rad and it’s in black and white if that’s your thing. Timor is also a genius with lines because he uses them so the piece looks like a sketch on paper. It’s called line art and if you hadn’t heard of you until now then congrats! It’s a beautiful and dark trist on contemporary art and I haven’t seen anyone but Dokgo and Timor use this technique. What is difficult about this art, in particular, is that it can come out very dark sometimes, but luckily Timor knows his way with the needle.

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So if you ever find yourself in Seoul, Korea or LA and want a memorable art piece on yourself to remember the visit these are the five artists you should keep in mind. If you’re a tattoo fiend and love to discover new artist then these should be kept on your radar. If you happen to get tattooed by these artists tell them Seoul Thirsty sent you 😉

Regardless if Tattoos are illegal in South Korea these artist risk their life to live their dreams, so you should too!

3 thoughts on “5 Korean Tattoo Artist to Keep your Eyes On

  1. Can anyone do tattoos with Korean languages into names that I want put my children name on my body part with Korean language and want to know where I can find or if possible you can write down the name into Korean?
    What word I want to use in Korean
    That’s two names
    Thanks so much ,


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