AOMG 2016 Las Vegas (Event)

First off, I want to say that AOMG is not responsible for all of the issues that go on at the concert. Siva Group was the company behind the Follow The Movement Tour in 2016. I had purchase the VVIP PASS which means I get a hi-touch, a picture, a lightstick,a poster,  a t-shirt, and early entrance. This pass cost $326 with taxes included. Which is fairly expensive when they only performed for two hours or so.

To start this night off, I was late, and yes that is my fault but the box office employees had told me to come at a later time. Again, this is not AOMG or Siva Groups’ fault it is a misunderstanding. The employees had told me to come at 7:00pm when I actually had to be there at 6pm. My friend and I got there at just the right time so they could squeeze us in with VVIP. We got there right when they were going to take the group picture. This is where it becomes tricky. The description for the group picture was five people a picture, but they tried squeezing four more people making it nine people a picture. That was unfair and the picture ended up looking terrible.

One more thing to add, LOCO is a lot taller than you realize! I stood by him and I had to look up at him(I’m 5’9). Everyone else was shorter, but very loving and welcoming.


The people running the concert were very rude. We were confused and needed help getting out of the group picture section, but the security guards yelled at us for going to wrong way.

Now let me tell about the stuff that came with the VVIP package. I was very excited for the lightstick because I’ve seen the lightsticks from Korea and they’re gorgeous. Keep in mind that I was


looking at Kpop lightsticks. The stick they gave us was made of styrofoam and had a plastic label taped to it (left). I put my VVIP pass on it so I can keep the memorabilia together. The shirt that was promised was never there. Siva Group told us to write down our email and address so they can send us the shirt. I never got it even after emailing them. The poster was another disappointment (right) because they just printed the flyer on a bigger piece of paper. When it should’ve been just the picture of the artist, or a completely different picture.

The hi-touch, which a lot of fans look forward to, was rushed because they were behind schedule.

So, The concert was handled poorly but because we are fans we decided to look on bright side.


Loco and Gray, the partners in crime, were the first ones up and their stage presence was immense. Loco was his goofy little self while Gray was as mysterious as ever except for the fact that he was smiling a lot (video bottom). They both tried talking to the fans in English, but ended up having to rely on Korean. Which is understandable, but it’s the thought that counts!

To make the concert even more entertaining one the fans threw condoms at loco! He picked on up and said “And this is a condom”(right). While he proceeded to put it in his pocket. Loco and Gray made the fans feel like they were having a normal conversation with their friends, but they still added a little sexual innuendo to rile up the crowd

After them Jay Park and Simon came out so they can do their co-CEO performance which is what the crowd was waiting for!

I had the luck to catch this amazing video of the two co-CEOs doing what they do best, entertaining.

In my non-fan opinion AOMG has one of the best stage presences ever. Each one of them has a very big personality that shows on stage. One of the best parts of Jay parks’ performance was the underwear being thrown around everywhere and him picking them up and putting them in his pocket. Sadly, I don’t have much pictures of Jay park but I do have this low quality video of Simon laughing.

Overral the performances were amazing, but the Siva Group wasn’t in top of the situation. I would recommend anyone to go to an AOMG concert, but I would be skeptical if Siva Group held it.

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