Apollo•Loco 02:52 (Review)

The production is good. Something I wasnt expecting at all if im being honest.

This song really is more about a deep and dark vibe than a logical topic of needing to retain his level head. The vibe I’m talking about is in terms of emotion and coherent thought.

The lyrics simplistic style centralizes the theme of the songs which is good if Apollo Loco didn’t want the lyrics to overpower the production, but not good if  I’m a fan listening to this song in hopes to get to know Apollo Loco more. The song itself is very ethereal and sounds similar at times to a travis scott song but the distinction between the two comes in lyrics, the cadence, and Apollo Locos voice.

I can see him building on this style and doing more with this sound while growing lyrically. If Apollo Loco is able to go deeper in thought about his convictions while maintain the same vibe I can see him doing a lot with that atmosphere of music.


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