Hoody-Hangang (한강) Review

This song gives off a sultry vibe that meshes very well with the funky bass in the forefront quietly leading the song along a rythmic R&B flavor that provides the listener with almost a hint of jazzy tinge. The high hats that take minimal control of the overall track really guide the song into the modern highhats we’re used to, giving the song this form of familiarity. Low and behold, it isnt the funky bass or sensual electronic piano that catch you off guard, the vocals on this track are probably the best for this track as it rounds out the melody with a warm and soothing lullaby. The only issue that I might’ve had with the song is the ending, was pretty abrupt. I think it couldve done better with a trail off or fade but all in all the track is a must listen to.

4/5 김밥(Gimbap)


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